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Introduction to Bioresonance Devices


Key phrases: Bioresonance, bio-resonance

Summary: Current theories about Bioresonance are unrealistic. Simple inversion of signals is not enough.


Bioresonance was developed in the early seventies when microelectronics was just making its debut and it was only “logical” that accordingly one would also perceive the human body as a complex electronic circuitry made up of conductors, capacitors and inductances. In a way, this was an extension of EAV, the work of Dr. Voll who was the creator of EDS and who used DC currents to diagnose disease states via conductivity measurements of different body points.

The assumption made by the creators of Bioresonance was that if the body is mainly electrical circuitry, disease must be found in the distortion of electrical signals as they travel through this circuitry. Obviously although we can measure that living cells create electrical potential and currents flow via different pathways through the body, we have no idea what different waveforms mean apart from some rudimentary assumptions about some generalized categories of brain and cardiac rhythms. Oscilloscope views of actual signals in the tissues look like electric noise without any traceable regularities.

The early pioneers of bio-resonance were not discouraged by these complications and made the bold approximation that if they sampled this electric noise at any point on the body and then fed it through a simple electronic phase shifter that would effectively invert the signal and then feed it back to the client, this might cure his disease. And in fact Bioresonance has proven to be useful in a wide variety of disease conditions and so it was assumed that the theory was right and that that was what actually happened.

Physicists could never follow this logic, but also from a common sense point of view it is hard to believe that the root cause of disease is an electrical signal that, if inverted, removes the disease. A much more likely explanation is that the electrical signal is kind of a representation of the state of health, just like the facial expression tells us much about a person’s state, and that feeding back this signal acts like a mirror that triggers self awareness and thus, indirectly, a healing process. This theory is reaffirmed by the observation of researchers who worked with so-called bio-circuits that were essentially only wires connected between different parts of the body and, by this simple means and without any devices involved, could be curative in many cases.

Along the same line of reasoning, bio-resonance has become more elaborate in that current Bioresonance devices usually contain an EDS part for analysis as well as electric filters to selectively filter out specific frequency bands. What the different treatment programs for individual diseases are in fact doing is never made public, but some are talking about disease-specific signatures that have been recorded and are played back. Truly, if such electrical signatures existed, they would make the diagnosis of disease very simple and any other lab work outdated; however the reality is much more complex and at the present moment all that we can see electronically is incomprehensible noise.

CoRe Inergetix is going in a new direction in Bioresonance in that it is actually applying specific frequencies to the body and then registering the response on the informational level. If the resonance is high or low this will, depending on the selected treatment mode, trigger a specific response from the system. Therefore, rather than just assume that the best is always a simple inversion of the existing pattern – as is done in traditional Bioresonance procedures, the CoRe Inergetix System goes into a feedback loop where it asks the body whether or not it wants more of a specific frequency.




Description of the manufacturer:

The BICOM device makes the transition into Bioresonance particularly easy. Over 400 indications are stored in our therapy programmes. These programmes contain the experience gained from 20 years’ work in Bioresonance.

The therapist needs only to enter the programme number, place the electrodes on the patient and press the start button. The device switches itself off automatically once a therapy programme is complete.


Biophysics Research Institute

Description of the manufacturer:

If the frequency of an energy blockage is known, the chance exists that the RAYOCOMP PS 100 will be able to remove this blockage without risk in the low somatic frequency field as well as in the high frequency. This can be accomplished in the patient without trouble or any risk. The precise and pointed application with the RAYOCOMP PS 100 guarantees the greatest possible efficiency. Because the RAYOCOMP PS 100 reacts to these finest oscillations, it offers excellent therapeutic opportunities that are often very successful.


Bit 2012

Mit dem BIT 2012 bearbeiten Sie Problemstellungen jedes Patienten individuell und unbelastend auf Bioinformations-Ebene
(Biosignalmodulation, Bioresonanz). Sie verfügen über alle Anwendungsmöglichkeiten für bioenergetische Entlastung, Stärkung
und Balancierung, einfach und komfortabel. Bemerkenswert, was Sie mit Hilfe der BIT-Methodik und BIT 2012 bewegen können!


Description of the manufacturer:

die zentrale Bioresonanz-Einheit (HALM) kann auch an den Computer angeschlossen werden - für die Messung und Analyse von Bioresonanz-Signalen

Wer das HALM hat und einige Erfahrung mit Bioresonanz-Wirkungen, der kann auch später noch eine Computeranlage anschaffen und aktiv Forschung im Bereich der Bioresonanz-Signale betreiben - oder für Patienten den Nachweis führen, dass eine Bioresonanz-Therapie kein Schattenspiel mit fabulösen Energien, sondern etwas ganz Reales ist


Holimed Bioswing

Desktop, click on an item of interest.

Description of the manufacturer:

bioswing provides the bioresonance operating modes Inverse and True-Phase.
In Inverse-Mode the information on the input is transformed mirrored to the output.
In True-Phase-Mode the information on the input is transformed to the output with almost zero phase shift.
Besides the traditional information transfer with constant amplification
bioswing offers also Holimed's proprietary Automatic-Mode. We at Holimed recognized significant better effects in Automatic-Mode as obviousely more resonance points of the acupuncture nodes are reached. We recommend to use the Constant-Mode only for testing.



BRTA - newThe apparatus "IMEDIS-BRT" is nominated for realization of adaptive bioresonance therapy and energy-information transfer of medicinal properties of preparations onto other carriers (water, phys. Solution, homeopathic grains, etc.) with possibility to vary potency and inversion of properties.

Description of the manufacturer:

The apparatus "IMEDIS-BRT" is intended for

  • realization of bioresonance therapy (BRT) according to Center's "IMEDIS" technique, which is a original method having no analogs in the world. The therapy is conducted with electromagnetic oscillations in range from 10 to 500 000 Hz, peculiar to patient, which are taken from surface of his skin, specially processed and returned back to organism.
    During therapy patient and apparatus form closed circuit of adaptive regulation, allowing organism to use its own abilities in order to return to physiological homeostasis. There is possibility to store detected frequency spectrum of pathological and physiological oscillations onto different carriers (water, homeopathic grains, etc.) and use them in consequent therapy;
  • for energy-information transfer of medicinal properties of preparations.
    The efficiency of copies is identical to efficiency of initial preparations, what is proved by application in clinical practice.



Meritest 712

Description of the manufacturer:

The MERITEST® 712 is a bioenergetical device powered by microprocessor integrating the finest and latest technologies. The MERITEST® 712 responds to all of the basic criteria which we have come to expect from a BioResonance modern device.

Technical Information

Mode / Use - Continuous Normal
- Impulse Normal
- Continuous Inverse
- Impulse Inverse
The new functions of the MERITEST® 712  - Mode impulse, normal and inversed
-.Growing Amplification.
- Growing Range of Frequencies
Range of Amplification / Reduction 0.1 to 100 with 3 additional programs of variable growing amplification with outside reductor
Range of Frequencies 10 Hz to 900 KHz
Impulsion 100 / 400 milliseconds
Programs 21 pre-installed programs



Individual single frequency settings (modulation with geomagnetic frequency spectrum / individual frequencies of 64 trace elements) or automatic continuous frequency flow (base -therapy).

Bi-polar, symmetrical input for connection of

  • Hand electrodes for the endogenous information therapy / bioresonance. The characteristic body signals are used to support the healing process).
  • Medicine Beaker ('"MEDICUP") for exogenous information therapy. Oscillating additional treatment signals eg homeopathic preparations, blood stream.


Die Atmosphäre enthält zwei elektromagnetische Fenster [Abb. 1], von denen das eine jedem bekannt ist: das optische Fenster; dieses Phänomen hat sich der lebende Organismus zu Nutzen gemacht und die Fähigkeit des Sehens entwickelt. In der Medizin wird dies z. B. in der gezielten Farb- und Lasertherapie angewendet.
Weitere regulierende Effekte können bei richtiger Anwendung elektromagnetischer Signale, die innerhalb des zweiten atmosphärischen Fensters liegen, erreicht werden. Schon in den 20er und 30er Jahren berichtete G. Lakhovsky davon, dass mit den Applikationen von Signalen im Bereich von 750 Kilohertz bis 3 Gigahertz nachweislich klinische Erfolge erzielt werden konnten.





Produktbild - Mora Super mit ELH - Interface


Description of the manufacturer:

  • Bipolarität: Die 2-Kanal-Technik ermöglicht die synchrone Therapie der vier  Körpersegmente gemäß den homöopathischen Gesetzmäßigkeiten
  • EAP-Differentialmesstechnik: EAP-Messungen sind reproduzierbar
  • Elektronische Potenzierung: Medikamente und Substanzen werden elektronisch potenziert
  • Gerätesoftware: Innovationen können problemlos integriert werden
  • EAV-Diagnostik: Meridian-Messtabellen sind vorgegeben
  • Dialoggeführte Therapieeinstellungen
  • Automatische Basistherapie
  • Fest abgespeicherte, bewährte Therapieprogramme mit der Möglichkeit individueller Anpassung


Psi Sensor

Karnak Psychic Sensor

Function: magnetic stimulation with various frequencies and waveforms

Application: via headphones

Price: Euro 870.00
Description of the manufacturer:

 This sensor known as KPS, is being successfully tested by the "Università degli Studi", Milan, Italy, working in the specially founded "Centre for research into human bioenergy and bioresonance" for the investigation of human powers. This centre is coordinated by scientists and medicians.

The PSI Sensor is the same size as a VHS video and, when linked to a PC with special software, is able to decode the electromagnetic frequencies between 0.5 and 80 Hz transmitted by the human brain. All this at a distance of just 1-2 meters and without connecting electrodes to the head or body of the patient.


For users of the Rayometer PS 10 or Rayometer Digital who want to apply bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt in a more intensive and professional way, the Rayocomp PS 100 is the ideal instrument.

Warning! None, of the above or anything on this site has been evaluated by the FDA, on the contrary Radionics is not considered a viable form of treatment in the USA. The CoRe-System is only intended for Export or for personal experimental use in the US. There are no claims made, if the words "cure", "treat", "diagnose" are used anywhere on this site or in the software it shall always be understood that his is meant in the context of "personal experimental use" only. For more details click here