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Hybrid Systems

Introduction to Quantum medicine


Key phrases: Quantum, quantum healing, quantum science

Summary: Quantum medicine is the science of how to treat complex systems, quantum results will always be of a statistical nature


The word “quantum” is frequently applied to everything that might appear to be new or frontier technology. This is surprising for two reasons, firstly because quantum theory is already almost one hundred years old, and secondly because – when asked – most people who use this word would not be able to explain why they use it.

There are many examples of that such as quantum touch, quantum prayer system, quantum link, or the quantum xrroid consciousness interface.

Originally the word ‘quantum’ was first applied to mainstream physics by Heisenberg when he discovered that energy is not a continuous stream but in fact consists of tiny packages, which he called quanta. From this discovery, a whole science developed that was called Quantum Theory, and with it arose a lot of misconceptions on what quantum theory is really all about. Most people believe that quantum theory is in essence the theory of the microscopic world, of atoms, quanta and quarks.

Albert Einstein could never really accept quantum theory as a finished science because quantum mechanics could in general ‘only’ give probabilities of how individual particles would behave, and not calculate absolute certainties. This is the origin of Einstein’s famous objection “God does not play dice”.  He was always hoping that in the end somebody would be able to find all the parameters and principles that would allow physics to compute everything with any desired precision. Therefore, despite his many novel approaches, Einstein never could let go of the aim of pre-quantum science to be able to predict the universe like clockwork.

Quantum theory was first called quantum mechanics because it was assumed that there must have been some mechanical laws involved in the movement of atomic particles and quanta of energy similar to that of the mechanics of macroscopic bodies like the planets. However, it was found that closely connected particles behave more like waves and that each affects every other as if they are one being. In a broader sense, Quantum theory is therefore the science of complex systems, and the main tool of quantum mechanics is statistics. Quantum theory thus has a much wider scope than just the microscopic world and can be applied to systems in general where many individual parts work together and influence each other.  Most of all this is the case in all living beings because each is a highly complex network of cells, organs and systems. Therefore, Quantum science gives the appropriate tools for the study of all aspects of human group behavior as well as the interactions of parts of the human body, mind and emotions as they network with each other. Quantum medicine, therefore, is a medicine that views life, health and disease as a network phenomenon and uses statistics as its analytical tool.

Quantum science is not, as Einstein believed, an incomplete science but in fact a very advanced science because it admits that in complex systems science can only give probabilities for the behavior of individual parts. The techniques insurance companies use to compute the likelihood of illnesses, accidents or natural catastrophes are very close to those of quantum theory because both work with complex networking systems. Looking at a deeper level than Einstein, it is in fact very reassuring that in quantum theory there is no way to give absolute numbers and dates for whatever will happen to any specific individual. This would preclude any degree of free will. Also it would create an insurmountable paradox to imagine we would live completely freely in a world that is completely unpredictable, when our every atom and cell is made from the material of that same world.

In summary, quantum medicine realizes the connectedness of everything and therefore devices and methods that claim to apply quantum principles must first and foremost be connected themselves with that which they claim to treat. Real connection however is always a two-way process, which means the treatment process is adapted according to the signals that are received back from the recipient. The CoRe Inergetix System fulfills this particular criterion as it establishes a constant feedback connection with the client. Secondly, results in the CoRe Inergetix System will always be probabilities and not Yes/No answers. In general, any advanced testing method that claims to be related to quantum theory has to be able to assign percentage numbers to the likelihood of disease causes and appropriate remedies.


BEFE Device

The Bio-electric Field Enhancer or BEFE is a revolutionary Hydro-Therapy system that was developed by  Q-Tech Laboratories of Australia. BEFE enhances and amplifies the ability of the body to heal itself. The therapy takes 25-35 minutes, is done in an ordinary bathtub of water or a footbath, and requires no extensive training to perform. BEFE therapy is based on the fact that all living things produce a form of organic electricity or Bio-Charge. The BEFE Unit produces a complex electromagnetic waveform that resonates throughout the water and interacts with it in a way that is synergistic with the bioelectric state of the body.


pulsating magnetic field

endogenous information therapy / bioresonance

exogenous information therapy

Make use of the body's own signals (e.g. urine, blood etc.) or substrates

  • Color light eligible out of 12 colors

  • acupuncture-point finding

  • cancel blockades in the meridians

Nova Pro

Nova Pro 65k

A long time leader in light and sound mind machines, Nova Pro is packed with features and has an easy to use push button control menu.  You'll be up and running in minutes.

Light and Sound machines use pulsing lights and sound tones to gently lead the brainwave EEG patterns into more receptive states that are ideal for super learning, stress reduction, meditation, lucid dreaming, creativity, out of body exploration, self- hypnosis, psychic development, creativity and much more.

Photon Resonator

Photon Resonator is a light and sound frequency generator that combines the healing power of broad spectrum radio wave harmonics and 660 nanometer Red LED photon-stimulation into one easy to use instrument.  The unit produces a broad spectrum of modulated sound frequencies with harmonics into the Gigahertz range (billions of cycles).  These penetrating waves interact with the cells through a process of sympathetic resonance and  harmonic inductance, thereby balancing abnormal energy patterns associated with unhealthy cells and restoring them to their ideal frequency. This process works in much the same way as when a vibrating tuning fork induces a similar vibration in a second tuning fork. (this concept is also used our Harmonic Pulser and the Photon Sound Beam).



Warning! None, of the above or anything on this site has been evaluated by the FDA, on the contrary Radionics is not considered a viable form of treatment in the USA. The CoRe-System is only intended for Export or for personal experimental use in the US. There are no claims made, if the words "cure", "treat", "diagnose" are used anywhere on this site or in the software it shall always be understood that his is meant in the context of "personal experimental use" only. For more details click here