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The four levels of Disease

Somewhat simplified, Disease can primarily originate from one of four levels:

1. Structural : These include all the conditions were bones or tissues are out of alignment or injured and simple manual therapy can cure.

2. Bio-chemical : When Cells and organs do not have the building blocks or fuel to do their work or hindered by toxins which are not eliminated this causes disease.... here I include living toxins or helpers like virus, bacteria or fungi.

3. Energetic : The body has an intricate network of energy producers and conductors, heat, ionic, electric, magnetic and light which all can be disturbed for various reasons..... energetic modalities are developing to work with these conditions.

4. Informational : Changes on all these levels are accompanied by informational changes in the matrix or blueprint of life.... least of all acknowledged and researched until now, this is the level on which all psychological and radionic modalities work.

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